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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Madan Mohan Best Videos songs

The Great Madan Mohan is one of the finest music director. He is my Favourit.
He used Indian instruments like sitar, dholak etc very nicely in his composition. Sitar played in songs Rasme ulfat ko nibhaye and Aaj socha to aansu bhar aaye are best pieces according to me.


  1. jana tha hum se door...bahane bana liye.... i like this composition.

  2. Mai ri is also nice composition. I Like the version sung by Madan Mohan

  3. There was a reason why Madan Mohan sang the song Mai ri. The movie DASTAK was ready except for the filming of this song. But Lata was out of India. Madan Mohan took over the responsibility of singng this song so that it could be filmed on Waheeda. In the following week Lata was back. She sang the original song, and the playback was 'fitted' in the film before release.

    Indeed Madan Mohan left a treat for all music lovers.


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