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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Its ārohaṇa-avarohaṇa structure (ascending and descending scale) is as follows
  • ārohaṇa:    S R G M P D N S
  • avarohaa: S N D P M G R S

It is a sampoorna rāga - a rāgam that has all seven swaras.
Charukesi is also popular in Hindustani music.

Popular compositions

Adamodi Galade by Thyagaraja and Kripaya pālaya sowrae by Swati Tirunal are popular compositions set in Charukesi. Lalgudi Jayaraman, the acclaimed violinist and composer, has composed a very popoular varnam in Charukesi called Innum En Manam. This varnam was a favorite of Maharajapuram Santhanam, who began a large chunk of his concerts with this song.
Many compositions exist amongst modern adaptations of Charukesi, especially in Indian movies, in the so-called film songs. An example is the song Ahista Ahista from the movie Swades, Bedardi Balama tujako from Aarzoo, Akele hai chale aao from Raaz, Aaj Dil Pe Koi Zor Chalta Nahin from Milan, Teri Ummid Tera Intzaar Karte Hai from Diwana, Baiya na dharo from dastak etc.
The composer duo, Kalyanji-Anandji, were fond of the Charukeshi scale and has put it to good use in a few songs. Here, are couple of them.
HIMALAYA KI GOD MEIN (1965), Lata Mangeshkar: ek tu jo milA -


Mukesh and Lata in MERE HUMSAFAR (1970): kisi rAha meiN -


Charukeshi-like elements are also found in the ethnic music of Western Europe, as witness this ditty by Shri Franz Schubert from his Impromptu (First piece "Allegro Molto Moderato" from his Op 90) -


Final confirmation that the West owes its musical ideas to India comes from the Russian Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: "Procession of the Sardaar," from his "Caucasian Sketches for Orchestra." This is an NPR recording from Dec 1966, by the Philadelphia Symphony, Eugene Ormandy conducting -



  1. It would be great if somebody could tell me from which movie that b/w film song has been taken.. :)

    1. It is from Movie "Dastak" 1971, starring Rehana Sultan and Sanjeev Kumar.


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