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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nida Fazli

This time I have thought to post about one shayar Nida Fazli.

Nida Fazli is one of the famous Indian Urdu poet and song lyricists. The poet is awarded by many awards like Khusro Award, Mir Taqi Mir Award, Urdu Sangam Award and Sahitya Akademi Award for his work in Urdu and Hindi literature. It is difficult to categorize him in any particular category, because he had written on various moods. But his poetry is influenced by the India-Pakistan partition and human relations. One of his famous couplet is-
"Duniya jise kehete hai jadu ka khilauna hai,Mil jaye toh mitti hai, Kho jaye to sona hai"

Nida Fazli was born in Delhi, India into a Kashmiri family and attended school in Gwalior. His father was an Urdu poet. During the partition of India, his parents migrated to Pakistan, but Fazli decided to stay in India.

Nida Fazli was born on October 12, 1938 in a poetic family. His father was also an Urdu poet. Although born in capital city Delhi, Nida grown up in Gwalior. Nida took his education in Gwalior. After the India-Pakistan partition, his family moved to Pakistan, while Nida choose to stay back in India. Nida attended the Gwalior College from where he passed his M.A. in 1954.

Nida get stimulated by the beauty of poetry with one incidence. One day when he was passing by a Hindu temple. He heard the beautiful bhajan of Surdas- in which Radha (lover of Lord Krishna) was depicting her sorrow to her maids as being apart from her love (Krishna). Nida get struck by that poetry and for the very first time he made a serious attempt to write a poem. Nida get influenced by the love and bonding in human relations, which also reflects in his later work.
"Hum laboN se keh naa paaye, unse haal-e-dil kabhi,Aur wo samjhe nahiN, ye khamoshi kya cheez hai''
Nida FazliIn 1964, Fazli came to Mumbai to find a job. In his early career, he penned his skills for Blitz and Dharmayug. At the same time he was participating in Mushairas. His elegant poetic style was soon get noticed by film personalities and also by the other personalities in Hindi and Urdu literature.

He soon became a favorite amongst ghazal singers. Many of his ghazals are sung by ghazal singer Jagjit Singh. Also almost every top singer had sung his film songs and ghazals. Fazli has his unique style of poetry. He is quite famous for his elegant presentation of poems. The best feature of his poetry is that he used the common and conservational language in nazms, ghazals and dohas so that anyone could easily understand it.

However, Fazli turns as a Bollywood lyricist with Kamal Amrohi's film Razia Sultan. First lyricist Jaan Nisaar Akhtar was assigned as a lyricist for the film. But due to his untimely death the offer went to Fazli. Most of the songs for the film were written by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, only two were remaining that were written by Nida Fazli. He became quite famous in the industry with his very first film Razia Sultan. A song 'Tera hijr mera nasib hai, tera gham hi meri hayaat hai...' from the film became famous.

Nida FazliHis popular lyrics are used in film Gudiya, Tum Toh Aise Na The and Iss Rat ki Subah Nahi. His recent popular songs includes 'Kiska Chehra Dekhu Abb Tera Chehra Dekhkar' from Tarkeeb, 'Aa Bhi Ja', 'Kabhi Sham Dhale Toh', 'Dil Me Jagi Dhadkan Aise' from Sur and 'Kabhi Kisi Ko Mukammal Jaha Nahi Milta' from Aahista Aahista. Nida also had written title track of TV serial Sailaab.

Nida Fazli is also famous for his writings for communal harmony. He exclusively wrote against communal riots and selfish strategies of politicians in it. He was one of the victims of such riot which happened in 1992. During the period, he has to take shelter under his friend's house. His writing in this matter won him a National Harmony Award.

Fazli also caught into controversy due to his critical writings against poets of the same time in his book named 'Mulaqatein'. Those poets include the famous ones- Ali Sardar Jafri, Kaifi Azmi and Sahir Ludhianvi. Due to such writings, he was banned at some poetic programmes.

Fazli has released various Poem Collections. Some of those include- Safar Me Dhup Toh Hogi, Mor Nach, Lafjo Ke Phool and Aankh Aur Khwab Ke Darmiya. He also owns 24 books on his credit written in Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati. Fazli's poetry includes the essence of Ghalib and Mir. As well as he get driven by the lyrical mood by Kabir and Meera. He also get inspired by the poetry of Gogol, Takasaki, Eliot and Chekhov.

Nida Fazli - Popular Songs
  • Kabhi Kisi Ko Mukammal Jaha Nahi Milta - Aahista Aahista
  • Kiska Chehra Dekhu Abb Tera Chehra Dekhkar - Tarkeeb
  • Kabhi Sham Dhale To Mere Dil Me Aa Jana - Sur
  • Dil Me Jagi Dhadkan Aise - Sur
  • Aa Bhi Ja, Aa Bhi Ja - Sur
  • Chahat Na Hoti - Chaahat
  • Darvaje Pe Tere Barat - Krishna
  • Kahi Kahi Se Har Chehara - Dil Kahin Hosh Kahin
  • Tera Hijr Mera Nasib Hai - Razia Sultana
Nida Fazli - Awards
  • 1998 - Sahitya Akademi Award - for his writing on communal harmony
  • Khusro Award - for Urdu & Hindi Literature
  • Hindi Urdu Sangam Award - for Urdu & Hindi Literature
  • Best Poetry Award - for his Urdu Literature - from Maharashtra Urdu Academy
  • Mir Taqi Mir Award - for his autobiographical novel 'Deewaron Ke Bich' - from the Government of Madhya Pradesh
Nida Fazli - Poem Collections
  • Safar Me Dhup Toh Hogi
  • Mor Nach
  • Lafjo Ke Phool
  • Aankh Aur Khwab Ke Darmiya.
 Kabhi kisi ko mukkammal jahan nahi milta
kahi zami to kahi aasaman nahi milta
Bujha saka hai bhala kaun waqt ke shole?
ye aisi aag hai jisme dhuva nahi milta.
Jise bhi dekhiye wo apane aap me gum hai,
zuba mili hai magar ham zuba nahi milta
Tere jahan me aisa nahi ke pyar na ho
jaha umeed hai uski, waha nahi milta



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