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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sequence of Songs [ Raag Pahari ]

Listen to the Sequence of Songs [ Raag  Pahari ] .... If you hum these songs [or still better sing along you will realise that they have the same meter

Roshan; Madan Mohan & RD all respectfully sought the approval from SD to adopt the Tune , Meter & Chords ... and what  fantastic results........ 

1951- Dada Burman composed 'Thandi Hawaayein' which is  inspired from a Carriebian Band song. Film Naujawan

1964- Madan Mohan used the tune to compose 'Yahi Hai Tamanna  Tere Ghar Ke Samane...Meri Jaan Jaaye..Meri Jaan Jaaye'. Film- Aap ki Parchaiyaan ..[HEAR THE FANTASTIC HARMONIUM RENDITION IN THIS SONG]            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=notx8po-dsg

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