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Friday, February 5, 2016

Raag Shivranjani

Shivaranjani or Sivaranjani is a musical scale used in Indian classical music. There exixts two scales. One in  Hindustani music and another in Carnatic music. The Hindustani rāga is a pentatonic scale, while the Carnatic scale is a sampoorna scale (has all seven notes)

Hindustani scale 

The Hindustani rāga Shivaranjani belongs to the Kaafi thaat in terms of classification of the scale. 
  Its structure is as follows.
  • ārohaṇa : S R g P D S
  • avarohaṇa : S D P g R S
The komal gandhar(g) in place of shuddh gandhar (G) is the difference between this rāga and the global musical scale of Bhoop.

Popular compositions

Shivaranjani rāgam brings out karuna rasa (pathos) and lends itself for elaboration and exploration. It has many compositions in classical music and in film songs.
The popular Hindi film song Jaane kahan gaye woh din ("Where have those days gone") is based on this scale. Shivaranjani was a favourite of the legendary composers Shankar-Jaikishan (in fact, to be more precise, that of both Shankar and Jaikishan), in addition to the aforementioned song from Mera Naam Joker they also used it for
 O mere sanam O mere sanam in Sangam 
Awaz de ke hame tum bulao from Film Professor. 
Baharo phool barsao from Film Suraj
Dil ke jharokho me tuj ko bitha kar from Brahmchari
Another nice composition based on this raga is Bahot din bite composed by Laxmikant Pyarelala.
Tere mere bich me from film Ek duje ke liye is also on this Raag, composed by Laxmikant pyarelala.
Mere naina Saon Bhado from Mahebooba is also nicely composed by R. D. Burman on this Raag.
Sansar Hai Ek Nadiya Dukh Sukhdo kinate hai from film Raftaar, composed by Sonic omi is also based on Raag Shivranjani.
Yaad teri aayegi, composed by Anu Malik,  from film Ek Jaan Hai Hum is also in Shivranjani Raag.

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